The Torment of a Conservative Politician

This is the cover for the March 2022 issue of Müürileht, themed "Trauma." At the time, a conservative politician had used the phrase “purple latte drinkers” (lillad lattelimpsijad) to refer to social democratic party voters. The newspaper wanted a cover reflecting this incident. Note: "Purple" is a colloquial term for gay men.

For this illustration, I used the theme and composition of Michelangelo's painting The Torment of Saint Anthony. The cover includes other labels that are used to ridicule city folk and soft values, such as lödipüks (jellypants) and pehmo (softie).

The frogs, reaching for the coffe, represent the "latte lickers," the lions the "softies," and the red demon the "jellypants." In the middle of the image you can see a generic looking politician that’s not representing anyone in particular.